The Why that creates the traction


If you want to really change your life here is a secret formula that will make you successful beyond your wildest dreams…..

Why are you doing what you do for a living? Now ask yourself why to each statement you make until you get to the real reason. So often we are doing things we do not actually enjoy, things that we feel we have to do or have no real reason for doing things at all.

If we have this one go around the earth and it can be taken away at any time why are we not finding that deep happiness or way to make the world a better place.

So many clients I work with start out not knowing the true deep desire they have and thus cannot feel fully committed or happy in anything they do. It is like a plague of mundane actions to pass time and then get to the checkered flag of retirement.

New flash, if you are not happy now you won’t be happy then. Money, success and fulfillment are bold life choices that are found through purpose, passion and gratitude. Maybe that means being a great husband or giving back to underprivileged youth or inspiring others to travel. Whatever it is latch onto it and use it as the driving force that creates happiness and fulfillment.

This go does not last forever, be authentically you and find your why.

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